The port of Taranto consists of three parts: Mar Piccolo, the inner harbour; Mar Grande, the outer harbour; and the west pier and multipurpose pier NW of Mar Grande and outside the breakwater.

Geographical position: – Lat. 40° 27’ N long. 17° 13’ E
Nature of bottom: – Clay / mud (medium holding ground).
Obstructions: – Entrance to the road is open and direct , however big draft vessels should be aware of 16,7 meters, deep shoal at about 17° 11’ 00’’ E. 40° 25’ 18’’ N. signalled by light on buoy.
Tidal variation: – Generally negligible , maximum 30 cm. Long-lasting NW and SE winds cause respectively high and low waters exceptionally
up to 60/80 centimetres.
Dock water density: – 1027 to 1031 – Salt 1,025
Prevailing wings: – NW and SE (in spring W for short periods of time),
occasionally strong NE.
Anchorage : – Good anchorage in all weathers, but precaution must be taken against winds from North.
Depth in the road: – From 16 meters to 44 meters.
Local time: – GMT + one hour in winter, GMT + two hours in summer.

The port of Taranto consist of the outer harbour (Mar Grande) and the inner harbour (Mar Piccolo), connected by a navigable canal, across which there is a steel swinging bridge.

The outer harbour is sheltered by two very exstending reefs.

The harbour entrance is marked by an intermittent red and green light top head.

The merchant port is situated in Mar Grande.

Radio/VHF frequencies: – Harbour Master VTS Ch. 13
– Pilots Ch. 12
– Launch services Ch. 10
– Taranto Port Informer Ch. 11

MERCHANT PORT (For loading and unloading of general cargoes):

Description Notes

Quay n°1 Max draft 8,30 meters

Pier n°1 Max draft 9,90 meters – Private railway connection on the pier.
West side

Quay n°2 – Private railway connection on the quay
Max draught 9,80 meters – For the part of the quay 574’ long starting from the root of Pier n°1 west side, the berthing is allowed with stbd alongside if vsl longer then 165 meters.
Max draught 8,30 meters – For the remaining part of the quay.

Fenders alongside all quays / piers.

Private owned stevedoring enterprises with various lifting capacity up to 100 MT availalable.


Description Notes

Pier n°2 Max draft 15,50 meters – To discharge mineral ore/coal by grabs – Loading slag
East side – 4 “Dravo” bridge unloaders 41.3 tons capacity each.

Pier n°2 Drafts 9,30 meters – For loading / unloading of finished steel products.
West side – Various cranes managed by Ilva available

Quay n°3 Max draft 11,00 meters – For discharge of minerals / loading slag by grabs.
– Various cranes managed by Ilva available

Pier n°3 Drafts 10,50/11,00 meters – For loading / unloading finished steel products.
East side – Various cranes managed by Ilva available

Pier n°3 Drafts 10,50/11,00 meters – For loading / unloading finished steel products.
West side – Various cranes managed by Ilva available

Pier n°4 Max Draft 24 meters – For discharge of mineral ore / coal by grabs.
East side – 2 ”Dravo” bridge unloaders 41.3 tons capacity each.

Pier n°5 Drafts 10,50/11,00 meters – For loading / unloading finished steel products.
West side – Various cranes managed by Ilva available

Fenders alongside all piers.


Description Notes

Berths n°1 & 2 Max draft 8,10 – 8,40 m – For tankers with max. length 170 m
Max DWT 18.000. M/T.

Berths n°3 & 4 Max Draft 9,40 m – For tankers with max. length 208 m
Max DWT 60.000. M/T – The berthing manoeuvre can be performed,
by port services round the clock 7 days aweek

In presence of strong swell and / or winds up to more than 20 knots, the vessel must be unberthed.

Fresh Water supply not available alongside

Bunker available via pipeline and via barge alongside

C.B.M. (Conventional Buoys Mooring)

Description Notes

Situated one and half miles to the north-east – Discharge of ballast is not allowed.
of St. Paul island. 34” submarine pipeline for – Bunkers and water (by barge only) are
5,2 km from buoys to refinery. No booster station. not allowed at berth.
Max draft 22 mt. – No night berthing allowed.
Discharging rate: 1.000 M/T x hour. – Immobilization of engine whilst at
berth not allowed and therefore repairs
work may be carried out only whilst vessel at anchor.
– Two pilots used for berthing.
– No. 2 16” floating hoses connected to a
special buoy abt 30 mts far from the
vessel’s starboard side. Floating hoses are lifted by ship’s gear with minimum lifting capacity to handle hoses of 15

With blowing winds from southern sectors (s. e. and s. w. quadrant) no berthing allowed with winds more than 14 knots.
With blowing winds from northern sectors (n. e. and n. w. quadrant) berthing allowed with winds up to 16 knots.
With winds more than 18 knots the receivers, in accordance with Master of vessel, shall arrange to disconnect the hoses.
With winds up to or more than 20 knots, the vessels must be unberthed.

Bulk cement pier:

Cementir S.p.A. has a concession to load and discharge cement.

Bulk cement terminal:

Situated at shore of Ilva pier n° 4 east, is long 167 meters.
Max draft : 12,50 meters.
Average rate: about 400 tons per hour.

Aviation gasoline oil jetty:

The traffic consists of small sized tankers discharging Jet fuel A1 for the Air Force, to which the jetty belongs.

The tankers moors with two anchors and with stern made fast to 4 buoys.

No bunker or water supply available.

Max draft 6,5 meters.

Above mentioned vessels are subject to pay 2 and half pilotage rates from sea to jetty.

Night crossing of Mar piccolo up to and from the jetty is forbidden.

Taranto Container Terminal:

The terminal is located at the multipurpose pier, length over all 2.000 meters.
Total of operating area: 1 million square meters, inclusive of 750.000 square meters of storage.
Max draft alongside: 13,50 meters.
Working time: round the clock with four shifts of 6 hours each.


January 1st, New Year’s day
January 6th, Epiphany
Easter and day after Easter
April 25th, Liberation day
May 1st, Labour day
May 10th, St. Cataldo (local holiday)
June 2nd, Republic holiday
August 15th, Assumption B.V. Maria
November 1st, All saints day
December 8th, Immaculate Conception
December 25th and 26th, Christmas and day after Christmas.

1) Airports: The nearest airports are located at Brindisi and Bari (one hour by car from Taranto)
2) Anti pollution service: Compulsory service while bunkering and handling imocargoes
3) Ballast discharge: Available service by authorised company, by barge and truck.
4) Bunker Large stock of bunkers is available by ENI S.p.A.
Bunker are supplied by barge “Solaria” :

5) Compass correction: Available service.

6) Classification societies: Rina – Lloyd’s Register – Germanischer Lloyd’s – DNV – are present in Taranto
B.V. – ABS available from Naples.
7) Dry dock CNT Not available service.

8) Gas free certificate: Available from port’s chemist

9) Nautical instruments repairs: Can be arranged

10) Repairs: Small workshops equipped to carry out on board emergency repairs,
are located near the Port.

11) Sea protest: Available service.

12) Ship chandlers: Different companies are present in the port of Taranto.

13) Stevedoring: On your request we can quote stevedoring tariffs for loading/discharging.

14) Watchmen: Available service.

15) Water supply: Available service (only by truck).

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